Ask And Ye Shall Receive: Deborah Ann Woll Naked

Just the other day I posted about the very sexy redhead Deborah Ann Woll being the best thing about True Blood. It got quite a response, a large portion of which was complaining that she was the only character who never got naked. Well, my darlings, she just did. Get naked that is. Egotastic was on it pretty quickly, and below the jump I have for you, those that are older than 16 obviously, the clip you have been waiting for. This is for grown-ups only kids. Although it is flighted on television worldwide. So…as long as you don’t get caught or tell your folks where you saw it.

(Deborah Ann Woll NSFW video and pics after the jump)

Right, as I warned, this is NSFW, it’s a sex scene, so if you don’t want to view it don’t, and if you have a problem with boobs you shouldn’t have clicked ‘read more’. If you don’t have a problem with seeing Deborah Ann Woll naked then carry on.

Deborah Ann Woll Plays Little Topless Riding… by cu_kn

She obviously read your comments on the last post and decided to get the ladies out. Well done gang. Well done.


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