Cape Town Festival Organisers Ban Selfie Sticks

Cape Town Festival Organisers Ban Selfie Sticks

Following from international festival giants Coachella and Lollapalooza who earlier this week banned selfie sticks, Cape Town festival organiser have put out a blanket ban on the extendable accessaries. Taking a zero tolerance stance, not only will the sticks be confiscated, culprits will be escorted off the festival grounds.

When asked to comment, local organiser Craig Light said:

Like the vuvuzelas during the World Cup, these sticks ruin the experience for those around the narcissists using them. They obstruct views and occasionally cause injuries. Quite frankly though, you just look like a fucking idiot when using one.”

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Another organiser who prefers to remain anonymous said:

Why the fuck do you think anyone wants to see another photo of your stupid face in a crowd of people they don’t know, during a show they weren’t even at. Put that shit away and enjoy the fucking show.”

Further to that he added:

If you can’t find a friend to take a photo of you, who the fuck is going to like it on Instagram anyway.


Rumours of banning flower head wreaths and inappropriately up-the-arse denim shorts remain unconfirmed.

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