In-N-Out Burger Cape Town for One Day Only

In-N-Out Burger Cape Town for One Day Only

I’m in two minds about posting this. On the one hand I know that Capetonians have a predisposition to collectively lose their fucking minds over stuff like this. Remember when people queued for fake Burger King for months? On the other hand I have a opportunity, maybe even a responsibility, to give those that have never experienced In-N-Out a chance at a double-double animal style.

Look, I’m not even going to get into whether this will be the same as the In-N-Out in California. It won’t, and if you think it will you’ve never been to an In-N-Out in Cali. But, it’s a chance at a sniff of the American Dream. A taste of L.A. freedom. And a damn fine excuse to get out of the office over lunch.

I called the establishment (SMAK) and the dude on the line informed me that their usual operations will shut down for the day. At 11am they will open and it’s a first come first serve vibe until they’re done.

I’m predicting queues and have already assembled a task force to ensure we’re in on the action. I suggest you do the same. Pack the camping chairs and prepare for rain.

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