Introducing Kayden Kenzie

The internet is a weird place. Almost daily someone is claiming their 15 minutes of online ‘fame’. Just this week we saw a clip of a dude getting smashed by a buck receive over 4 million views in two days. Sometimes they deserve it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the timing is just right. When it comes to girls it’s no different. Take Angie Verona, Shay Maria (& here), and Jenna Marbles, three girls that, mainly through a body-building forum of all things, sky-rocketed into the fantasies of millions of men the world over. Today I have the newest ‘sensation’, Kayden Kenzie, who went from hot chick taking self shots (not ideal), to body-building forum favourite, to webcam babe paying her way through college…where she’s studying medicine. We’ll have to take her word on that.

(slightly NSFW gallery of Kayden Kenzie after the jump)

Ja. Look. Um. Self shots. I’m not a big fan unless they’re getting sent to me or they’ve been hacked off some celebs phone, but Kayden pulls it off. Maybe it’s the eyes. And by ‘eyes’ I mean ‘big blue eyes’ and her ‘boobs’.  I have to say I prefer Shay, which I’m sure Nash will agree with, being a brunette fan and all, but it’ll be interesting to see where this girl goes. Shay launched a legit modelling career from her quick rise, while Kayden seems to have taken the easy route of webcam girl, which, I assume, is basically soft porn. Being a non-alternative chick though, I can’t imagine there’s a lot of room for her in the American modelling circuit. Carbon copies and all.

I’ll keep an eye out, if she does anything exciting I’ll let you know.


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