Jack Parow & PHFat – Spring Moederfokker

Jack Parow & PHFat – Spring Moederfokker

‘Hey bitch, come over here and get fingered‘, in your eye. Easily one of my favourite collaborative efforts of 2012, Jack Parow and PHFat’s ‘Spring Moederfokker’ has a music video. I haven’t tired of either since I first saw them, especially PHFat. How do you get tired of a group/act/freak show like that. I’ve never seen either of them give the smallest of a fuck, and I love that about them. And Parow? did you see him at Oppikoppie last year?! Exactly. Now turn your shit up and watch the below video, featuring an SA comedian you should know, and that chick who is ‘known’ for tweeting her boobs and fighting with models.


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