#MakeYourPlay and WIN a Case of Amstel Lite Every Week

#MakeYourPlay and WIN a Case of Amstel Lite Every Week

We’re into week two, case two, of my five week Amstel Lite giveaway. Colin Chaplin of Cape Town took last weeks case for making his play. You have this week to send me yours to stand a chance of winning a case of the good stuff. Details and rules below.

Amstel Lite launched with ‘make your play’ as the campaign payoff line, so I’ll be rewarding those that have gone out there and done just that. It’s easier than you think too. Making your play can be committing to anything you’ve been holding out on. Booking your leave, joining the gym, taking your other half on a dirty weekend, giving your number to the hot suit from down the hall, asking for a raise, or quitting your job. I’m basically giving you beer for doing what you should have already. Details below.

So all you need to do to enter is upload a pic of you ‘making your play’ to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (how to enter below) – obviously tweeting a picture of you booking a flight online is not going to work, so think about your entires – a picture of your booking confirmation, a screengrab of a conversation with someone on Tinder, your signed gym application, that sort of thing. It’s pretty easy to get your hands on one of the cases if you put a little thought into your entry. Bonus points for video entries.

There are some rules though.

  • No nakedness or inappropriate stuff. There is an alcohol brand behind this, so keep it relatively tidy.
  • You can enter as many times as you like each week – your entries must be different though, you can’t submit the same picture each week or multiple times.
  • Your entry must include the below handles and hashtags.
  • Each competition week will run from Monday to Monday.

How to enter.

Upload your picture to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and be sure to include@bangersandnash (or Dan Nash on Facebook) and #MakeYourPlay.

For more on Amstel Lite click here.

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