New Bloc Party, Run The Jewels, an Awesome Dog, John Oliver, How to be a Man, & Pizza Hut

New Bloc Party, Run The Jewels, an Awesome Dog, John Oliver, How to be a Man, & Pizza Hut

What is this, a list of shit I’ve found instead of individual pieces!? Well yes it is. I’m adjusting my strategy to target these things called ‘millennials’. I’m not quite sure what they are, but they’re incredibly demanding and they take a lot of pictures of themselves. Jokes, I made that up. The strategy bit, everyone knows millennials love taking pictures of themselves. I’m actually just very important and busy now, but I still see amazing things on the internet ever day, and I’ve decided to start sharing them with you. Because I still know how to find better things than you.

After a brief hiatus Bloc Party have released a new single and confirm new album release for early 2016.

Run The Jewels have also released a new single off the Rubble Kings soundtrack – remember we watched the trailer the other day and were well impressed. Also, this’ll set you up nicely for the day.

Is this the greatest dog in the world? Pretty close I’d say.

This is rad. Some dude has shot over 100 old Pizza Hut restaurants, all of which are currently enjoying their second life as something else, from pawn shops to liquor stores. Sounds average till you see the shots.

Stuck in the wilderness? Here’s how to be a man and build a hut from scratch using nothing but your manly manliness.

Pour some coffee and give this one a watch. Cutaway is the story of a man told entirely through close details of hands and objects. Cutaway portrays a phase in the life of a single young man as he works as a labourer, pursues relationships with women, and comes to terms with a life-changing event.

Cutaway from Medium Density Fibreboard Films on Vimeo.

And finally, one of my favourites, John Oliver on mental health.

Sweet Deals