Shit I’ve Liked Recently

Shit I’ve Liked Recently

What is this? Exactly what the headline says, shit I’ve recently liked from around the web. A few movie trailers – one of which looks like it’ll be my new Fantastic Mr Fox, a live performance from Woodkid that’ll blow your mind, a very amusing and oft relevant sketch on the world of a creative freelancer, another on our need to let the world know we’re exercising, another on the rise of femvertising “in order to stay ahead of the game we need to find tomorrows insecurities today“, and finally a bit of adventure porn – surfing a river in Montana.

Let’s kick things off with this live performance from Woodkid. I’ve seen some shows in my day, top of mind when comparing to something like this, in terms of production, would be Justice at Coachella or Muse in Amsterdam, and this is as good, and I’m sitting sober at my desk. Seriously, consider for a second the production that goes into this.

Now how about a story about a woman who ran a marathon without telling anyone. I know, imagine doing exercise and not updating your various platform friends.

Lovely! Now let’s jump into another rather amusing piece on the all too common struggle of the creative freelancer, getting paid for what you do, just like everyone else. Would be rad if this was real, and I’m sure it could quite easily have been.

Let’s break the lols with some action. I’ve been waiting for this one for ages. The Hateful Eight looks like a goodie.

Here’s another bit of fun. This one around femvertising and the growing need for an agency that specialises in highlighting the insecurities of women.

Charlie Kaufman gets into stop motion for his latest film Anomalisa, which looks so heartbreakingly beautiful I think it may be my new Fantastic Mr Fox – my go-to movie when I just want to feel good about life.

And let’s end off with some travel porn. Places we’d rather be.

Living Rivers – Surf from Epic Montana on Vimeo.

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