WIN 10 X Tickets to Synergy Live 2015

WIN 10 X Tickets to Synergy Live 2015

I don’t have a milkshake, and if I did I doubt it would bring any boys to the yard. Mostly because I can’t afford a house with a yard, or event rent one. But I do have a bunch of tickets to Synergy 2015 to give away that’ll bring all the boys and girls to my virtual yard where I’m secretly hoping they battle amongst themselves in a bid for my attention and cyber ticket love.

Synergy is around the corner again. 27 to 30 November to be exact. Just two weekends away. All of the info’s over here. Which means you have one week to get your entries in order if you want one of the 5 double tickets I’m giving away.

So what do you need to do? Basically, make me laugh. This is a pretty big prize this time of year, so I’m going to require a photo entry. I want the most awkward selfie including a stranger. Force them in, invade their space, just make it awkward. Most awkward submissions win.

Email them to


Tweet them at me bra – @bangersandnash


3 Day Full Weekend               R 620 – Webtickets

2 Day Saturday & Sunday      R 550 – Webtickets

1 Day – Sunday ‘Fun day’ Pass           R 200 – Webtickets

3 Day full Weekend            R 590 – Outlets

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