Friday Morning Wake Up: The Ultimate Sonar Playlist

Friday Morning Wake Up: The Ultimate Sonar Playlist

Do you remember that old banking ad (I think it was a banking ad), when the chick bumps her head in the morning, then burns her toast, then shocks herself, etc. It was all about starting your day off on the wrong foot. There were probably some banking messages in there too, but who pays attention to those. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, I’m exactly like that in the morning, except with music. The first choice of the day often dictates my mood, which is why I no longer listen to the radio. If you’re human and have ears, you’re probably the same, which is why I want you to start your day off with this – The Ultimate Sonar Playlist by Olmeca Tequila. This won’t just start your Friday off properly, it’ll start your weekend off.

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