Future Sounds Of Mzanzi Opens at The Bioscope This Week

Future Sounds Of Mzanzi Opens at The Bioscope This Week

I watched Future Sounds Of Mzanzi earlier this week, a documentary ‘exploring the past, present and future sounds of the South African electronic music scene and its multiple sub-genres’. The film started as a series of webisodes, then later developed into a full length film when Spoek Mathambo and Lebo Rasethaba realised the scope of the project. It’s this start, as a series of isolated content pieces that at first gives the film a sense of lack of direction or intent, but as each story from the various, incredibly different scenes develops, one almost desperately beautiful theme becomes quite apparent, and for me this singular theme is what makes the film.

The chosen artists and sub-genres, even the entire music scene becomes almost irrelevant in contrast to the human element of the film – the artists stories of their struggle to create something unique, get it heard, and somehow make some money. From Mujava talking about his past success, his overseas tours, and then his time in a mental institution, to Felix Laband opening up about his drug issues and regrets in a truly honest moment, Future Sounds Of Mzanzi was for me, not about niches in the South African scene, it was about how hard it is, no matter where you are from in SA, or your background, to be heard and make it as a respected musician in an extremely competitive and often financially unrewarding industry. And ultimately, how the competitive nature of our artists has kept the bar in SA at such a high level.

Future Sounds Of Mzanzi will be showing at The Bioscope in Maboneng from tomorrow.

Fri 10th October – 7:30pm
Sat 11th October- 6pm & 8pm
Sun 12th October- 5pm & 7pm
Mon 13th October – 7:30pm
Wed 15th October- 7:30pm

More details here.

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