Gone Girl is my Best Movie of 2014

Gone Girl is my Best Movie of 2014

Gone girl, a thriller examining dishonesty, the media, the economy’s effects on marriage, and appearances, is the kind of movie I’ve been waiting for for ages. I’ve been disappointed with the last few big releases – most have far better marketing plans than plots. Perhaps it’s because I can’t actually relate to a man hurtling through space, or a highly trained agent gone rogue, or having a bag of drugs sowed into my stomach, as well as I can relate to the power games, emotional blackmail, and ruthless systematic destruction of the self via a poisonous relationship like that portrayed by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike’s in Gone Girl.

You have either been in a relationship like this, or you know a couple that has. Perhaps not entirely the same, you know, minus the murder, but fundamentally, this movie nails all the nasty bits of a bad relationship perfectly, and both sides of the couples struggle are portrayed so well that in the end, I wasn’t actually sure whose side I was on. Gone girl reminds you of the faults of previous partners, and forces you to acknowledge yours.

I saw in the on-screen relationship something so familiar and true, that it made me feel I’ll, like I had a stomach full of oil. The feeling of being helplessly trapped. The sick fascination that the people outside of your relationship have with something they could never fully understand. The portrayal of our society and the feverish lust for sensationalist media and how we swing and change opinion without any thought or question, labeling whomever we want as whatever we want, because that’s where the public opinion lies, because he who shouts loudest or has the best story wins.

All this perfectly scored by Trent Reznor, and I mean perfectly. The music had just as much of an effect on me as the story. Screen adaptations of books often fall way short, but after watching this with the accompanying score, I’m guessing the book is going to feel like it’s missing something when I read it, and I most certainly will be reading it. Also, if you want a perfect example of crazy eyes, look no further than Rosamund Pike. She is scary as fuck.

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