Help Make Renting Better With Ekaya

Help Make Renting Better With Ekaya

Following the successful launch of in Cape Town last month, the team behind the rental marketplace are looking for feedback from property owners and renters to help them make renting better, for all involved. These dudes (who I’ve worked with on several projects, so I know) are all about the user experience, which is why they put this mini survey together – and it’s really mini, 5 multiple choice questions. If you’re on either side of the rental game (I’d assume that’s 99% of you), take the survey. Help these dudes help you.

‘Ekaya has launched the Rental Ecosystem Survey (RES), a brand-new initiative to pinpoint key issues and opportunities to serve property owners and renters. The Silicon Cape startup will leverage the data from the survey to tailor forthcoming products & services.

“Our mission at Ekaya is clear – we’re here to make renting better for everybody. With the Rental Ecosystem Survey, we’re asking South African property owners and renters for feedback about their experiences in the rental marketplace to help us better understand where the most critical issues and opportunities lie.” – Justin R. Melville (CEO, Ekaya)

The simple 5-question survey for property owners and renters will be accompanied by a thorough “big data” study as well as engagement with major players in the space and aims to surface new information and insights into the state of the rental ecosystem.’

The Rental Ecosystem Survey will run until mid-November 2014 and is open to all property owners, rental agents and renters. Visit to take part.

Results of the survey will be published as an info-graphic and made freely available at the conclusion of the study.

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