Hout Bay Soap Girls: Innocent Philanthropists, Or The Republics Darkest Secret

Hout Bay Soap Girls: Innocent Philanthropists, Or The Republics Darkest Secret

I’ve heard a bit about these Hout Bay Soap Girls. Nothing much, just a mention here and there. I never thought much of them seeing as I had never seen them in all my years of visiting Hout Bay (every second weekend), nor had I seen them when I actually lived there. How interesting could they actually be? Then The Presenter showed me their website. My interest was piqued. Within minutes I was tumbling down the rabbit hole. Fetish wear sponsorships, tales of bathtime antics, Idols performances, and soap. It was all too much for me. And then it hit me. The Soap Girls have been absorbed into the infamous Hout Bay sex scene.

I realise this may sound a little exaggerated, but when you look at everything together it’s blindingly obvious. Two girls thrust into a life of street performances, dressed in bizarre matching outfits, singing in unison and dancing in sync, all adding to the ‘twin’ illusion – they’re actually just sisters. This was obviously all part of a cleverly conceived grooming process. Everyone knows Hout Bay has a massive swingers scene, and the brothels are no secret. The thing that the scene was missing though, the thing every scene is missing, is a set of blonde twins. Enter Posh Debray, the girls mother slash manager slash groomer.

Posh, is the force behind the girls. They’ve been making soap in a basement and selling it ‘come rain or shine’ since they were little girls. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this, and the fact that is was for charity made them that much more appealing. This is where they made their first mark. Where they were first noticed. After soap, there was really only one place to go when you have a fame hungry mom…the pop star scene.

Posh however, had a different idea on the scene and how to get her girls noticed. Her girls offered something different to a world ‘that’s tired of video clichés and pre-fabricated pop.’ Which seems odd to me, because that is exactly the vibe these girls have. Anyway, she did well in gaining them exposure via a few episodes documenting the girls, which have now clocked over 500 000 views – unfortunately it’s on the now stuffed MyVideo platform. Everything was going fine, the momentum was building, the girls were making a name for themselves as innocent, charitable, soap-selling twins. Then they became legal and things got weird. Enter the sponsors and their new PR angle.

Kinky Lingerie and Eden Wear take care of the girls day to day wear. Both are suppliers of alternative wear of a very sexual nature. Ball gags and gimp masks? They have them. Latex cheerleader outfits? Order them online. If you want to bang in something that would have gotten you locked up a few decades ago just check out the innocent Soap Girls sponsor link. Now, there’s obviously nothing wrong with a bit of kink, hell, I’m a fan of a few of the outfits on the site, but how do you make the jump from hand made soap angels to latex clad pop stars singing about taking it fast?

This is where I can no longer add a snippet or a quote, you need to read the below description, taken from their ‘about’ section, in it’s entirety.

“Boys?” they say, in a single voice, and then tease one another about the crushes guys have had on them, and the few they’ve had – and then talking about how they escape from it all, and from the pressure of being young stars, by spending time with one another and, especially, by taking long bubble baths together where no-one interrupts, and they sing and make up new songs. “The music comes first, but of course we love boys. We even love grandpas. We’d have to find twins, though, or brothers who don’t mind spending all their time together, they way we do.”

I’m sorry, what the fuck just went down in that paragraph? 18 and 19 year-old ‘twins’. Bathing. Together. Uninterrupted. What is their mom (whom I assume had a hand in writing the copy for the website) trying to sell here? ‘We even love grandpas’? Brothers, who do everything together. It’s quite clear that these girls are much more than ‘pop stars’. They’ve taken over as the alpha females of the Hout Bay sex scene. They are, or rather were, The Republics darkest secret.

“This is not when naughty-meets-nice – The SoapGirls are when naughty meets naughty and the world is theirs for the having.”

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