How’s This New NP200 Stealth Bra

How’s This New NP200 Stealth Bra

Check it bra, I don’t often talk about wheels on these pages. I quit the free-flow life when I sold my 1986 MKII GTi back in the day. From that I went to a double cab during a brief stint in the building industry. Then a scooter after ditching bricks for pints and a bar job. Then a beetle. Then a couple other company cars, before giving up on life, my youth, and most likely a few would-be sexual encounters, by buying a sedan. I tired of it quickly though. I never used the back seat, and the boot became a storage space. Diving gear, camping gear, one gumboot, loose bottles of booze, lost and found clothing, the list goes on. I needed something smaller, easier, and far more versatile. Enter my Nissan NP200, which is actually what this post is all about.

Actually, it’s about the Stealth Special Edition, which isn’t even my model. So why would I be talking about the special edition version of my current car? Because I’m honestly stoked with my little guy. Stripping down to a basic utility vehicle has been great. I’ve had zero issues, and during my Joburg/Cape Town travels over the past year and a bit I’ve knocked up just under 50 000km. I’ve had some time in the cockpit. I know this guy. So when I got approached to put a little something together about a car I don’t own, but have the standard version of, the job was made pretty easy.

The standard is solid. You’ve got my word on that. In comparison then, the Stealth should be pretty amazing. I’m not into all of the below mentioned mods, as I mentioned I quite the street life a while back, but if you’re looking for that little bit extra out of your utility vehicle, you may be interested in the below.


The NP200 STEALTH goes all dark with techno grey paint, darkened sports bar and flush fitting tonneau cover. Added is a prominent nudge bar that fits below the colour-coded grille frame, with a darkened steel finish for both the sports and nudge bar. The dark theme extends further to special factory-fitted charcoal black alloy wheels with red accents, dark side and rear fitted STEALTH decals and dark tinted smash-and-grab protected windows.


NP200 STEALTH seats are uniquely upholstered in special eco leather with titanium-coloured contrasting stitching.


The spacious cabin comes equipped with an Alpine radio that has Bluetooth /USB connectivity/ AUX input.


Safety and security come standard with the NP200 STEALTH. In addition to standard air conditioning, ABS brakes and two airbags, the NP200 STEALTH also comes equipped with remote central locking, daytime running lights and a black tonneau cover- Keeping your cargo safe from the elements – and curious eyes.

If this looks like the car you’re looking for, click here and book a test drive.

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