HYPEBEAST Navigates through Atlanta’s Tattoo Culture

HYPEBEAST Navigates through Atlanta’s Tattoo Culture

Atlanta has never been on my list of places to go. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, I’d go anywhere in the world – except Dubai again if I can ever help it, I just didn’t have a reason. After this short by HYPEBEAST though, I kinda want to go there right now.

‘The city of Atlanta is one that is waiting to be shaped by the influence of the creative types that inhabit it. A creative competition founded on support rather than the suppression that exists within the art communities of major cities. In part 2 of The Atlanta Project series, we take a look at those who have channeled their art into ink. Atlanta‚Äôs thirst for creative output catalyzes the birth of new tattooing styles that have the potential of being lost in the dilution of creative expression in both east and west coast cities. Featuring artists such as Miya Bailey, Jason Kelly, Russ Abbott, Keet D’arms, and Eddie Stacey, this exploration of tattoo culture in Atlanta will have you thinking about what your first/next piece will be. Enjoy the video above and stay tuned for the next installment.’

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