Larissa On: The Voidz – ‘Where No Eagles Fly’

Larissa On: The Voidz – ‘Where No Eagles Fly’

By Larissa Elliot

Man, Julian Casablancas is determined to extend the lifespan of his music career. Post The Strokes, he’s brought us a semi-successful solo career, played with the Sick Six, and collaborated with everyone from Daft Punk to Andy Samberg. He’s back with his new band The Voidz. The video for the bands first single “Where No Eagles Fly” is a mash-up of retro graphics, raw gig footage and horror-mystery film elements thrown in for fun. It’s rock ‘n roll and bloody and works well with the band’s aggressive unhindered sound. The video is directed by Voidz guitarist Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter. It’s building major intrigue for their forthcoming album dropping in two weeks, and I picture a lot of studded leather and broken bottles at their shows. I’m excited.

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