Levi’s Pioneer Nation: Greenpop

Levi’s Pioneer Nation: Greenpop

As the Levi’s Pioneer Nation event draws closer, we look at another South African initiative that is literally changing the countries landscape. Greenpop was born in March after Misha had accumulated just under 400 000 air miles. Looking to offset his carbon footprint he decided to put together a crew of like-minded individuals in an attempt to plant 1000 trees in a month. Today Greenpop is a social business that creates innovative and sustainable solutions to our landscapes and shows people that sustainable living needn’t be a chore.

For information on this initiative, and the event on the 25 September which sees an interactive daytime program bring together 40 Pioneers who will share their stories in 15-minute presentations, follow the below links.

Website: http://www.pioneernation.biz
Instagram: http://instagram.com/pioneernationza
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pioneernationza
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pioneer-Nation/1466399593610446

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