Alt-J to Showcase Portions of Their New Album

Alt-J to Showcase Portions of Their New Album

By Larissa Elliott

Breaking news: Alt-J will be showcasing bits from their new album today. It’s just one of the heavily anticipated releases dropping this September and they’ve already leaked an incredible video to whet appetites. The video is for their track “Hunger for the Pine” and its been executed by director Nabil Elderkin. I have featured Elderkin on my blog a coupla times. His work is focussed and strong, and he creates impactful narratives with little, and this video is a prime example of that. It features the hero running through a forest and then a field, from an unknown enemy. All while long arrows pierce his body as he approaches a memorable ending. It’s simple but so compelling to watch. And I’m not a big YA fiction buff, but it feels like some thing out of Hunger Games. And I could use some Katniss. Or are we still only talking about the Jennifer Lawrence leaked nude photos?

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