September Will be a Good Month: Album Releases to Look Forward to

September Will be a Good Month: Album Releases to Look Forward to

By Rick Bosch

As another year steamrolls towards its end, you’ll inevitably start seeing “Albums of the year” posts. These are unavoidable and shit, I might even do one. But the year’s not done just yet, and there are a bunch of albums yet to be released. So I thought I’d give you a head’s up, a “yo, look out for these!” for September.

It’s become quite fun for me to choose to wait for album releases. I’ve stopped pirating music, and I collect vinyl. Best of both worlds if you ask me. Online streaming services, I personally use Rdio, have made it easy to sample most things, for a nominal fee every month, and as a result are opening up unlimited choice. There are some annoyances too though, but that’s another post for another time.

I’ll get back on track, here are two records that are sure to make your September spectacular. I’ve heard a single or two from each, and I can’t wait.

Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

How could this not be at the top of this list? It’s the return of the bombastic duo, and there will be more than a few people nodding while reading this. You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine was released 10 years ago, fucking 10. Ironically I only bought the album because of the cover. Needless to say, the simple, to the point and intense delivery will always have a fan in me. Here’s to hoping that The Physical World is as good as I know it could be. September 9 we find out. Pre-order here.

Interpol – El Pintor

I thought their previous self-titled album was incredible. It was their most ambitious, and as a result successful, to date. It felt like the band was growing, developing and had hit the perfect balance between their trademark sound and the atmospheric monster that Interpol is. I will also admit that Interpol is one of the few bands I really struggle to be neutral towards. I’ll find a reason to love their records, even if it’s not their best. That said, I have no fear that El Pintor (an anagram for Interpol) will deliver on all fronts.

Slated for released the same day (and since I left this post late, it’s already available to stream in places I’ve chosen to avoid) as Death From Above’s. Give it a listen here. Pre-order here.

What a day September 9 is going to be. If it’s your birthday you should do something HUGE. The stars are aligning.

What are you guys looking forward to in the coming months? Drop me some gold in the comments section.

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