Nash and Bangers & Nash in 2015

Nash and Bangers & Nash in 2015

Oh hey, what’s up? Ja, I know, things have been pretty quiet over here, but I have a valid reason. Two actually. Firstly, we all need a holiday, and mine was spent bathing in white wine, on a lilo of seafood. Secondly, I’ve given up the coffee shop life for the corporate game, and these kinds of decisions take time, and priority. I’m relocating, again. I’m homeless, again. But I start this year as Creative Director for Ogilvy PR Cape Town, and I’m rather excited about it. Bangers and Nash will carry on, and that’s exactly what I’m here to talk to you about, because I’m looking for someone to head it up.

Being the editor slash creator, slash sales person, slash administrator, slash everything, is rather time consuming. In fact, it’s a full time job, and it’s been mine for the past few years. With an audience of 60 000, B&N has grown into something I could never have imagined, or rather, exactly what I imagined but never believed would become a reality. As vomit inducing as that may sound, being able to say I’ve made a living off of something I created is pretty awesome. Now it’s time to see what else I can do with it, where it can go, and how far. I reached a frustrating ceiling  last year, and without resources I wasn’t able to punch through it. A little shake up is exactly what’s needed.

So, I’m looking for a small team to take over. I’d like an editor firstly – someone to take over the day to day, then a few writers to fill in the gaps. It’ll take a while at first – writers are notoriously tricky bastards to work with, and I’m rather precious about my baby, but my end goal is a space similar to the one you already love. I want enjoyable writing – no matter the topic, relevant conversation, and a team (writer) that believes everyone else playing in the same space is doing something wrong.

Implementation will take time, so for now, if your interested in joining the team and sharing the stuff inside your head, inbox me at and we can take it from there.

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