So What Have I Learnt From Blogging?

So What Have I Learnt From Blogging?

So I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. Ten years actually. Other than staying alive, it’s the longest I’ve done anything. So what have I learnt from my longest running love? Beside the joys of an almost free lunch, the biggest benefit of a decade long, daily one-on-one conversation with an audience, has come with the understanding of quick, relevant content. I’ve applied some of this thinking to the Ogilvy Newsroom, which BizCommunity recently interviewed me on. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, the changing world of PR, or you just want to see me use fancy words like ‘bolster’, ‘enhance’, or ‘biodegradable’, click here.

While I’m here, here’s a shout out to Glenn, Martin, Leila, Tanya, Mike. The team behind the Times wins – pictured above. That’s exactly what we look like.

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