The Story Behind the Game Ranger Video

The Story Behind the Game Ranger Video

Since joining Ogilvy after a few years in the freelance/self-employed wilderness the very first question I get asked is along the lines of ‘How does it feel to go corporate?’. It’s an obvious question with a lot of preconceived answers. Agency life man, it is what it is. Same with anything. Positives and negatives. Chasing highs. If you love it you love it, and I love it as much as being able to bunk out for three weeks at a backpackers without applying for leave. Why? Because joining Ogilvy has plugged me into scale, resources, and budget. Rad teams, varied specialists, experience, and a large client base, all backed by the big red machine. It’s a bigger playground, with more opportunity to work on campaigns like this one, you may have seen it last week, the one where the SA game ranger loses his shit with a tourist. The result of a brief that contained the dreaded term ‘viral video’. There’s no recipe for ‘viral’, through understanding content and flow of consumption though, we’re getting closer.

Here’s the back story and team credits.

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