Larissa On: Apex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’

Larissa On: Apex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’

By Larissa Elliott

Hi! Quick introduction: I’m Larissa, an art director who has a little bit of a jones for music videos. This is the first of my submissions for that will focus on music videos, their directors, production and all the little enticing bells and whistles that go with it. For more music video delight, head over to my blog nowscopitone. I do post current music videos but today I wanna take you back and revisit a music video classic.

This past week, Aphex Twin (or Richard D. James) has announced the release of his new album, Syro. It’s been 13 years since we heard from Aphex Twin, but the track list (that resembles a night of drunk coding) might make this worth the wait. When you think Aphex Twin, hopefully you think “Windowlicker”. This warped video was the brain child of uber-director Chris Cunningham. Featuring a bevvy of gyrating beauties that’d put Miley Cyrus to shame, all topped with the grinning, bearded face of Richard D. James looking right to camera. At a time when DJs stayed anonymous, Cunningham decided to plaster James’ face on everyone in the video. And it haunted many dreams thereafter.

This video was such a shocker in 1999, but would feel right at home in today’s Tumblr culture and can still be found on many “Best of…” lists. It’s one of my all-time favourites and I can’t wait to see what comes out of Syro. It’s gotta be twisted, especially because James isn’t shy – his face is plastered on all promo and he’s been running around accusing Kanye West of stealing his beats. Can we prepare ourselves for the best beat battle ever?

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