You Need BADBADNOTGOOD in Your Life

You Need BADBADNOTGOOD in Your Life

You’ve probably heard a bit of noise around BADBADNOTGOOD over the past week or so. They performed at Cape Town Jazz Fest and The Good Luck Bar in Joburg. On Friday I was put onto them and I’ve been in an internet black hole since. The music, their projects, their rapid rise to success make for a seriously interesting story. From basement sessions with Odd Future and Tyler, The Creator, being the in-session band at Coachella, making an album with Ghostface Killah, or scoring a movie with RZA, all before any of them turned 25. I’m not going to waste my time copying lines from their Wiki page, just check out the best of their work I’ve found below, then get into their story.

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Here’s their first album.



Boiler Room Session

Sweet Deals