Back from the dead, like some turbo vampire.

Hey long time readers and fans, it's your old friend Bangers, back again! Where have I been you ask? Just a little place called Success Town, and I picked up plenty of win souvenirs for you all! I've brought this blog back from the dead, and like some turbo vampire it is gonna be stronger than ever, lust for virgins and mostly be updated at night! But during the day I will be scouring the deadlands of the internet for the carcasses of truth, the waterholes of entertainment, and the roving cannibal hordes of the comments section!

Be prepared for all the content you've always loved, but now with new 2017 twists - you like surfing videos, now prepare for surfing videos handpicked by a man who has surfed twice and drank more seawater than most seals do in their entire lives! You like hot babes, be prepared for babes of all genders handpicked by a pansexual weirdo with a taste that skews heavily towards goths and hentai!

You love great music, for real I have the best taste and any gaps in my musical taste are supplemented by my friendship with Annie Brookstone who only fucks with good music! You like rad movies, be prepared to catch all the hot goss on new superhero movies with excruciating detail into the comics behind them, get ready for analysis of obscure art movies, be prepared for loads of gore and body horror, amazing foreign language features, and a shitload of Hentai! Funny internet memes that get more and more strange and obtuse with each passing day?

YOU GOT IT! It's your boy Bangers and this is BANGERS AND NASH 3.0