Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers

Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers

Online is still a pretty damn interesting place. It’s constantly changing, it may not seem like it to you because you are (most likely) so entrenched in it, but think back a year ago, two years, before Twitter…when I first got into advertising there wasn’t even Facebook, and I only left school in 2002. A driving force behind so many of these changes are the people creating and promoting content. Some are creating such interest in their content that they are making a living off it. Please Subscribe is a documentary about one of the types of content providers, the YouTubers.

I cannot wait to see this. It’s going to be interesting to see the behind the scenes of these dudes, the work that actually goes into what they do, and how they reached their audience. This topic of paid for anything on the internet is always a touchy subject. People are happy to consume, but generally, as soon as they find out a blogger, YouTuber, etc is getting paid they turn negative. Why should these people not get paid to do what they do. If someone can get paid to put your groceries into a plastic bag then someone can get paid to spend hours editing a video that you send around your office.

“YouTube is the third most trafficked site on the Internet. Each month over 800 million people log on to watch over 3 billion hours of video with 72 new hours of video being uploaded every single minute. The way that people watch entertainment is changing, and it’s opening up a new world of opportunities complete with brand new names and faces.”


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