Kind Of WANT: English Garden Worm Gin

Mexicans get to have all the fun. They get awesome beaches, an amazing climate, dollars from the tourist gringos, epic accents and let’s not forget about panchos and sombreros. They’re basically living the dream down there, and they get to celebrate it all with the best spirit ever invented, tequila. The Poms, stuck on their tiny cold island Have obviously had enough of watching on in envy, so they’ve created their version of the tequila worm with their national drink, gin. It’s not as appealing, but there’s still something pretty awesome about it. I give you English Garden Worm Gin.


I’m not entirely sure about it, have you ever seen an earth worm at the bottom of a swimming pool, all white and soft, it’s not¬†particularly¬†appetizing. That said, there’s nothing a few G&T’s can’t sort out.

Get yours here.


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